To: Kirstjen Nielsen, Department of Homeland Security Secretary

Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen Must Resign

As Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, you bear responsibility for the suffering, abuse, and pain caused to the thousands of families detained, separated, and jailed. More than 650 children are now permanently orphaned. And charges of physical and sexual abuse of families while in detention are rampant.

We demand that you step down as Secretary of DHS.

Why is this important?

As Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen has directed the “zero humanity” policies, overseen family separation, and bears responsibility for the 650+ children who are now permanently orphaned.

Under her leadership, nothing has been done about the over 1300 charges of sexual and physical abuse filed against ICE by women and children in detention. Children torn from their families have been drugged while held in detention facilities. And now, we’ve heard about at least one child who died after being in ICE’s care.

It’s time for Nielsen to resign.


Reasons for signing

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  • Her acts are criminal and should be prosecuted for kidnapping children from their parents. Parents were requesting Asylum! Children and families are traumatized.