To: DEP Secretary John Quigley, David Sweet, Special Assistant to the Governor for Energy and Advanced Manufacturing, and Governor Tom Wolf

Dirty Gas Has No Place in a Clean Power Plan

We, the undersigned, are calling on you to achieve your Clean Power Plan targets without including reliance on natural gas. Rather, the plan should establish targets for how we will reduce our current dependence on it. Pennsylvania needs a real clean power plan that speeds the transition away from all fossil fuels including natural gas and toward 100% clean, renewable, sustainable energy.

Why is this important?

The Wolf administration is working on a Clean Power Plan for Pennsylvania, but the plan is anything but clean.
• The Clean Power Plan puts natural gas in the “clean” column
• The Clean Power Plan guarantees reliance on natural gas
• The Clean Power Plan doesn’t limit how much a state can rely on gas to meet its target
• The Clean Power Plan institutionalizes and enables pollution
• The Clean Power Plan means we can kiss a fracking moratorium or ban goodbye

Pennsylvanians Against Fracking is asking for your support in telling Governor Wolf, DEP Secretary John Quigley, and Wolf’s energy advisor, David Sweet, that Pennsylvania urgently needs a real clean power plan.

Learn more by reading Pennsylvanians Against Fracking’s statement on the CPP, available online at