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To: Wisconsin’s Judicial Conduct Advisory Committee

Remove Judge Bruce Schroeder For Blatant Bias in the Rittenhouse case!

Remove Judge Bruce Schroeder For Blatant Bias in the Rittenhouse case!

In the Kyle Rittenhouse case, Judge Schroeder has acted with clear and unrestrained bias.

1) To forbid the term "victim," yet permit the term "looter" skews the trial in favor of the defense.

2) To forbid key evidence that is clearly relevant to the case is to intentionally skew the trial in favor of the defense.

3) To wait until the jury decides before making a decision on mistrial is clearly skewing toward the defense. Should the jury determine he is guilty, he then could set Kyle free by granting the mistrial with prejudice.

4) Schroeder's cellphone briefly rang on Wednesday with a ringtone of Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the U.S.A., which is commonly played at former President Donald Trump’s rallies.

5) And to boot, referring to one of the jurors as "a black, the black, the only black." This is highly unprofessional and he should have been referred to as Juror Number (number.)

6) He let Rittenhouse choose the jurors. This is HIGHLY unusual.

7) He threw out the gun charge.

Throughout the case, there have been far too many incidents that clearly define his prejudice and preference for the defense.

Why is this important?

Justice cannot be served when a person is provided a judge so biased that he acts as the defendant's best attorney rather than being the impartial mediator he is supposed to be.

His behavior would allow a person who killed two people and wounded one while carrying a weapon he should not legally have owned or crossed state lines with.

We need to hold our judges accountable, or the justice system is well and truly broken.



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