To: Hawaii State Senate

Do not confirm Abercrombie's picks to Land Use Commission

In a fit of anger at losing the election, Abercrombie stuck it to the environmental community by appointing 3 Land Use Commissioners with obvious conflicts of interest over many more highly qualified candidates free of financial interests in land use. Please do not confirm realtor Kent Hiranaga and construction union officials Brandon Ahakuelo and Arnold Wong.

Why is this important?

Neil Abercrombie was elected Governor of Hawaii with the help of the environmental community. Once elected, he abandoned good environmental principles and pushed things like the Public Lands Development Corporation. He angrily called environmentalists the "left-wing Tea Party." He went down to the largest defeat ever in the 2014 election, when environmentalists turned their backs on him. Don't let Abercrombie's actions threaten good land use in Hawai'i.