To: The Hawaii State House, The Hawaii State Senate, and Governor David Ige

Do Not Confirm Plantation Luna Bill Balfour to Water Commission

Governor Ige has chosen to replace esteemed Richardson Law School Professor, Denise Antolini, with an old-style plantation luna who also has worked for Monsanto and Amfac, Inc. This will create a majority who favor the plantations instead of the rule of law. Where's the "balance"?

Why is this important?

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Time to call legislators. Take 5-10 mins tonight and just leave a voicemail: "Please oppose the Balfour nomination"

Laura Thielen: 587-8388
Brickwood Galuteria 586-6740
Les Ihara 586-6250
Maile Shimabukuro 586-7793
Gil Riviere 586-7330
Sam Sloam 586-8420
Russell Ruderman 586-6890

Bill Balfour has voted on several key commission decisions that were later overturned by the Hawaii Supreme Court. No one else serving on the commission now has had their decisions overturned. Why bring back the failed views from the past?