To: President Donald Trump

Do NOT “Negotiate” Over Medicare and Social Security to End the Shutdown or to Raise the Debt Cei...

We implore you to stay strong. Do not offer or accept any cuts or other modifications to Medicare or Social Security as part of getting past the shutdown and debt ceiling crises.

Why is this important?

The extreme right wing of the Republican Party engineered the shutdown — and is further maneuvering to ransom the full faith and credit of the United States government — in a desperate ploy to force their radical, regressive policies on the Democrats, the American people, and the global economy.

Now, Republican leaders like Paul Ryan are proposing “reforms” of Medicare and Social Security if only President Obama would deign to “negotiate” with them.

If I steal your bicycle, and then tell you that I’ll only give it back if you let me keep the wheels and the handlebars, would it be reasonable for me to accuse you of refusing to “negotiate” because you want your bike back completely intact?

This is not negotiation. It is not democracy.

It’s kindergarten.

And the radical right still doesn’t play will with others.

Make no mistake, the Medicare and Social Security “reforms” that Paul Ryan and other Republican leaders have in mind include raising eligibility ages, cutting benefits, limiting participation or even excluding some seniors altogether, and, ultimately, privatizing both of these essential programs right out of existence.

We simply must not allow this.