To: The Ohio State Senate and Governor Mike DeWine

Do not phase out Ohio Independent Health Workers

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Gov. Kasich. Stop the budget proposal to phase out thousands of individuals that currently work as Ohio Independent Healthcare workers.

Why is this important?

Governor Kasich is proposing in his two year state budget to accept billing only from certified home health agencies and NOT Independent Health Aides, nurses or other certified independent providers.

This cut will leave over 13,000 Independent Workers without income as well as leave over 16,000 individuals (mostly developmentally disabled individuals) without their day to day care.


Reasons for signing

  • Independent Providers are so very important to the assistance program! Why would such a necessary part of a program be discontinued? The consumer should have the CHOICE!!!
  • I have been an independent provider since late 2008. This is my livelihood please don't phase my job out.
  • So many families and individuals prefer independent providers over agency ones