To: US Department of Education

DOE: Stop the unfair closure of City College of San Francisco

Tell the United States Department of Education to rein in the ACCJC, an out of control accreditation commission, and reverse the unfair ruling to close City College of San Francisco.

Why is this important?

I teach at City College of San Francisco, the best school I've ever taught at. The ACCJC, the accreditation commission, has fatally and unjustly revoked our college's accreditation (to take effect in July, 2014) for reasons that are politically and ideologically motivated. This outrageous attack on City College of San Francisco - one of the largest and best in the country - is an attack on all public education.


Reasons for signing

  • I am a current student and need city college in my education and community
  • PZN8ry
  • Don't close off a bastion of education and jobs, a jewel in the crown of San Francisco. It makes no sense at all to do that.

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