To: Archbishop Timothy Dolan, President, US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Bishop Salvatore Cordileone, Bishop of Oakland Diocese, California, and President Donald Trump

DOMA: We Catholics Support Pres. Obama


We, the undersigned members of the Catholic Church:
-wish to express our conscientious support of President Barack Obama as he moves to have DOMA declared unconstitutional;
-believe in conscience that same gender-oriented people (SGO's) are equal morally and civilly to opposite oriented people (OGO's);
-consider the relentless campaign of our church leadership and their supporters not only continues to condemn SGO's as "intrinsically disordered" if they follow their God-given nature, but also seeks to deny their civil rights to marriage;
- regret that this campaign is not a neutral campaign but carries with it moral condemnations that add to the public damage to SGO's, leads the young to suicide and abets violence against so many;
- firmly believe that like so many fundamental issues that our church has vehemently fought against, homosexuality will become an accepted, natural way of being, endowed with the capacity for holiness as valid as OGO's;
- assure our bishops of our respect for their position and their right to bear witness to it in the public arena;
- publish our opinion invoking Canon 212 par. 3, stating that the faithful, "have the right and even at times the duty to manifest to their sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church...", in no way intending to rend any of the fabric of our communion, but rather intending to bring our communion to a fuller, open examination of the issue;
- request all church authorities to respect our consciences and to find a just process for all the faithful to dialog about this issue without fear of retaliation as we seek now to do the least harm to our SGO's, sisters and brothers, and eventually find salvific unity on this issue.


Why is this important?

Archbishop Timothy Dolan (New York City) President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops issued on September 20, 2011 an official plea to President Obama to "push the reset button on your Administration‟s approach to DOMA." (Defense of Marriage Act). The Archbishop speaks on behalf of the US Bishops in requesting the President's defense of DOMA instead of moving to declare it as unconstitutional.

We the undersigned practicing Catholics wish to support President Obama with all due respect to our bishops and the "millions of citizens" Archbishop Dolan invokes as supporting him.

Petition authored by Tom Luce, 73, Berkeley, Ca; 510-684-6163; ordained priest 1963 in Rome with S.T.L. from Gregorian Univ.; married faithfully to woman 41 years ; excommunicated/laicized against will/marriage now blessed; 3 children, 3 grandchildren; publicly declared same gender oriented, 2000 during Vermont same sex marriage legislation. Believes homosexuality is normal, healthy, natural condition capable of holy married union.

Note: SignOn only allows the target to grow by 50 before upping the target. We want hundreds of thousands or more!


Reasons for signing

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