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Don’t Cancel "The Mehdi Hasan Show"!

MSNBC shockingly announced they are canceling "The Mehdi Hasan Show," one of the highest-rated MSNBC shows on the weekend and one of the most viral shows on the network. Hasan is a reputable journalist and has been widely praised for his interviewing skills—with a recent The Nation article heralding him as "the best interviewer in American news right now." We need to urgently make our voices heard and demand that MSNBC continue “The Mehdi Hasan Show” in the coming year!

MSNBC’s decision to cancel "The Mehdi Hasan Show" is especially troubling given the rise in Islamophobia and underrepresentation of Muslim voices on American television. The decision also follows MSNBC quietly sidelining three of its Muslim broadcasters from their hosting duties back in October amid the escalating Israeli-Palestinian crisis. Hasan, whose sharp and critical interview with the senior adviser to Prime Minister Netanyahu recently went viral, is a needed voice and expert in this moment.

Sign the petition to demand that MSNBC renew the "The Mehdi Hasan Show" immediately and commit to fair and unbiased reporting and treatment of their Muslim broadcasters!

Why is this important?

"The Mehdi Hasan Show'' has been on air for over three years. With over half a million viewers on Peacock and hundreds of thousand on Youtube, Mehdi Hasan has received praise for his credible political analysis and sharp interviewing skills, with high profile guests such as Jon Stewart, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

We need Hasan’s expertise now as much as ever, and canceling Hasan’s show interferes with the public's ability to access fair and balanced reporting. With already existing concerns regarding MSNBC silencing and sidelining its Muslim broadcasters, this latest decision is especially troubling. With over a million viewers, MSNBC is a reputable news outlet and we need it to live up to its standards of journalism and ethics. That starts by supporting Mehdi Hasan and all their Muslim broadcasters.

Call on MSNBC to reverse its decision and reinstate “The Mehdi Hasan Show” immediately!



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