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To: Plaintiffs in the redistricting lawsuit, City of Miami commissioners

Don't split up our community!

The Biscayne Neighborhoods Association is a non-profit community and advocacy group that has focused on making sure the residents of Miami's urban core have a seat at the table.

We are extremely concerned with a set of proposals before the City that would split the Edgewater community right down the middle, and gerrymander us into two different districts with two different representatives at City Hall.

The undersigned are Edgewater neighbors, deeply involved in our community, who are asking all the parties pushing this proposal to consider what this would do to our corner of Miami.

Our demand is very simple. Edgewater is a cohesive neighborhood bounded by major geographic landmarks. It is a genuine community with shared interests whose residents face issues slightly different than our friends in single-family-home or mostly commercial neighborhoods. We ask that the organizations making the proposals above go back to the drawing board and make new proposals that respect us as a neighborhood. We ask city officials to oppose any re-districting that divides Edgewater. And we ask the courts hearing these issues to consider the interests of our neighborhood.

Why is this important?

If this split were to happen, Edgewater would literally become the last priority for the elected officials in Miami. Many hard-fought gains would be put in jeopardy.



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