To: The New York State House and The New York State Senate

Donate Union Busting Charter Communication PAC money to the Local #3 Striker Fund

Elected officials of both parties accepted PAC money from union-busting Charter Communications. The goal of this petition is to push them all to donate this money to the 1800 families of the IBEW Local #3 Striker Fund.

Why is this important?

Unions have been on the front lines fighting to both preserve and progress the rights of the working class. It is only right that we stand behind our union brothers and sisters when oppressive corporations engage in deliberate union busting, especially in the great state of New York.

Please sign this petition to ask all legislators who received PAC money from Charter Communications to donate it to the IBEW Local #3 Striker Fund!


Reasons for signing

  • We see you. Your corruption will bring you down. "We The People" are tied of your continued practice of ignoring the ones that get you elected. Look around, the landscape is changing and you are becoming an endangered species. The people are no longer sheepishly consuming your deception, malfeasance and lies. You will be removed from your parapets and frog-walked to the door.
  • Solidarity!
  • I’m struggling so much and losing everything because of this greedy company I spent 27 yrs of my life working for this company and now they took everything that I worked so hard from me is not fair

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