To: The Pennsylvania State House and The Pennsylvania State Senate

Don't Allow Forced Pooling in PA!

Forced Pooling is a violation of private property rights, yet it's legal in the Utica Shale in PA. Strike Forced Pooling from the books and protect private property rights in the Commonwealth!

Why is this important?

Forced Pooling is legal under the Oil & Gas Conservation Law in shale formations that sit beneath the Onondaga layer. The Utica Shale is one of those formations. Forced Pooling strips landowners of their property rights and that's just the beginning. Forced Pooling exposes Pennsylvanians to decreased property values, contaminated water, illnesses, and all of the other dangers of shale gas drilling even though they never signed leases. Tell your legislators to end the threat of Forced Pooling in PA! And do it now! The PA DEP is about to hold its first public hearing on an application that will subject private properties in Lawrence County to Forced Pooling!