To: Jeff Immelt, CEO, General Electric, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (NY-2)

Don’t let GE dump Ft. Edward jobs

Don't dump GE jobs in Fort Edward. Keep the Fort Edward plant open.

Why is this important?

I grew up in this area and have lived here all my life. We didn’t have much growing up -- I remember Christmas with very few presents. I want to give my kids a better life, and working at GE, I’m on my way to doing that, but only if the plant stays open. There aren’t a lot of other good jobs around here.

I started working at GE eight years ago. I just got onto first shift, so now I can go to my son’s hockey games and help my daughter with her homework. If they close the plant, I’ll probably have to go back to working two jobs, working off shifts, only seeing my family on the weekend if at all.

None of us are getting rich working at GE. We’re not stashing away money in offshore tax havens or buying yachts, we’re spending money at local businesses. If GE destroys 200 good-paying jobs here in Fort Edward, it’s going to hurt small business and devastate the local economy.

I’ve worked hard, I’ve never slacked. Every year this plant has been profitable. GE should keep this plant open, and our politicians should stand up and do everything they can to save our jobs. It’s only right.