To: David McCloskey, CEO, Urban Green Investments

Don't force out 98-year-old San Francisco resident Mary Phillips

A 98-year-old San Francisco woman, Mary Phillips, is being forced from her home of 50 years because the building's owners, Urban Green Investments, headed by CEO David McCloskey, want to sell the place to take advantage of the city's booming real estate market. Rescind the attempted eviction at 55 Dolores Street of Sarah Brandt, who is Mary's caregiver. If Sarah is evicted, Mary would not be able to stay either, and the landlord knows it. Keep them both in their long-term homes.

Protest: Call or email CEO David McCloskey, [email protected], (415) 651-4441.

Why is this important?

STOP THE GREED! Put an end to the rising number of evictions in San Francisco, CA, using the Ellis Act, which allows landlords to evict tenants, temporarily shut down a rental property, and then sell it at a profit.