To: The Pennsylvania State House and The Pennsylvania State Senate

Don't let Gov. Corbett frack more of our parks and forests

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I am outraged that Gov. Corbett has lifted the moratorium on further leasing of our state forests for gas drilling. And, that he is opening our state parks to gas drilling for the first time ever.

Please do everything in your power to prevent this effort to sell off even more of our natural heritage--including enacting a legislative moratorium on leasing more public lands for drilling.

Why is this important?

Gov. Corbett just lifted a three-year moratorium on leasing of state forests and parks for gas drilling.

We know more drilling means more blowouts, more spills of toxic fracking wastewater, and more ruined landscapes.

And, outrageously, the governor’s order will allow drilling under our state parks for the first time. The Legislature is the last line of defense for our state parks and forests.

Already more than 700,000 acres of our state forests have been leased for gas drilling. That’s more than 40 percent of our existing state forestlands.

But the drillers want more--and sadly, Gov. Corbett is happy to hand it to them.

Tell your state representative and state senator to fight Gov. Corbett’s effort to open more of our state parks and forests for fracking.