To: Rep. Marcia Fudge (OH-11)

Rep. Fudge don't let immigration reform die a slow death

Dear Representative Fudge, your constituents support immigration reform. Don't let Speaker Boehner ignore the immigration legislation reform package as it dies a slow death. We ask you to support a discharge petition for comprehensive immigration reform. Sincerely, Your Voters

Why is this important?

The Senate passed a strong, comprehensive immigration reform bill, but House Speaker Boehner refuses to let it come to a vote. Current immigration policy divides children from their parents, especially their fathers. Immigration reform will keep families together, strengthen our economy, and offer a clear path to American citizenship for nearly 11 million tax-paying individuals. As an American citizen descended from immigrant ancestors, who weren't always welcome in their day, I believe our legislators should stand up for these vulnerable people who have risked everything to come to the "land of opportunity." The majority of Americans believe that we need comprehensive immigration reform NOW. Stand up with them as we stand up for the immigrants of our day.