To: The Michigan State Senate

Michigan State Senate: Don't let "morals" get in the way of patient care

To: The Michigan State Senate

As proposed, SB 136 (“Religious Liberty & Conscience Protection Act”) extends broad protections to healthcare providers and related industries, while taking away the rights of patients and consumers.

Citizens should be entitled to live their lives as they choose. Those choices should never impact their ability to obtain health insurance or treatment. Please put the health of your constituents first.

Why is this important?

Every citizen of Michigan deserves the right to medical care. They shouldn’t have to wonder if a doctor will provide the services they need — especially in an emergency. They should have the right to know if an insurer or provider will have moral or religious objections to any services they may need. Not having that information takes away a patient’s ability to give informed consent, which they must do before treatment is administered.

Under Senate Bill 136 - "Religious Liberty & Conscience Protection Act" virtually anyone in the business of healthcare - including hospitals, private practices, universities and even pharmacies that provide healthcare services - could refuse to perform services based on a religious or moral objection.

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