To: National Geographic

Don't let Murdoch meddle with National Geographic

Institute an editorial independence policy—including the appointment of a Public Editor—to prevent ideological influence over National Geographic's scientific coverage by Rupert Murdoch or others.

Why is this important?

Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox just bought a majority stake in National Geographic's media assets, including its iconic science magazine.

That's bad news for anyone who cares about an independent and informative media, if Fox's flagship news network is any indication—a study by the Union of Concerned Scientists found 72% of Fox News' climate science coverage to be "misleading."

Voters need accurate information about the world around us that's based on science, not ideology. For more than a century, National Geographic's non-profit journalism has given us that, and Fox says this sale won't change anything -- but we need a guarantee.

National Geographic must immediately adopt policies—including appointing a Public Editor—to ensure the magazine's editorial independence.


Reasons for signing

  • Mr. Murdock, National Geographic has a long history of being an exceptional magazine with a fine reputation. YOu on the other hand have a bvery sleazy history, underhanded, sensationaliizing stories yellow journalism. Everyone who loves the NGM was disheartened to hear you had purchased it. I hope you will find the decency to allow it to continue unscathed by your dirty hands.
  • He will trash it like everything else he does. DON'T LET HIM!!!
  • I first subscribed to National Geographic in 1952 or '53 and only recently was able to let go of scores of moldy back-issues. I had sent in my renewal money, then learned that Mr. Murdoch had fired or laid off a huge percentage of its writers and photographers. I contacted NG to cancel my subscription and am awaiting my refund.

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