To: Patricia Vincent-Callawn, President & CEO, PNM Resources, Ben Hall, Public Regulation Commissioner, Karen L. Montoya, Public Regulation Commissioner, Pat Lyons, Public Regulation Commissioner, Valerie Espinoza, Public Regulation Commissi...

Don't let PNM fine solar users out of business to subsidize dirty coal

Stop New Mexico's monopoly power company - PNM - from adding new fines to home solar producers and crippling our clean energy community.

New Mexico's Public Regulation Commission should vote against PNM's proposed rate and fine plan.

Why is this important?

New Mexico’s monopoly public power company wants to buy a coal mine – and they just announced a new plan that includes fining residential solar producers to pay for it.

PNM should support clean energy, not more dirty coal. New Mexico's elected Public Regulation Commission members must not vote to approve PNM's new rate and fine plan. Tell them you want them to vote NO.


Reasons for signing

  • We need more clean energy, not less. Our planet is at risk, and a little more money n someone's pocket will not be useful when we create catastrophe. Please encourage solar rather than emissive fuels.
  • Hey PNM - it's time to step up. It is going to happen despite you so you might as well get on board or be left in the dust. Support renewables. Dump dirty energy.
  • get Martinez out of this state for good -we need solar not coal .