To: Editorial Staff of the Las Vegas Review-Journal

Don't let Sheldon Adelson become the next Rupert Murdoch

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Don’t let reporters become attack dogs for Sheldon Adelson -- immediately appoint a public editor to keep an independent eye on journalistic ethics at the Las Vegas Review Journal after the political megadonor’s purchase of the paper.

Why is this important?

Billionaire GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson's just purchased the Las Vegas Review Journal, taking over the most important newspaper in a critical swing state.

Adelson’s ownership is already making an impact: last month, journalists at the RJ were instructed to monitor three Clark County judges, including one presiding over a lawsuit against one of Adelson's own companies!

That's straight out of the Fox News playbook -- not how an independent newspaper operates.

Adelson has already used his $38 billion dollar fortune to buy massive political influence -- the most recent GOP debate was even at one of his luxury hotels. Now he's set his sights on news outlets Americans depend on to make informed decisions at the polls.

First he wants to buy our elections, then he buys our news? This needs to stop.

The RJ’s already conservative-leaning editorial page is free to push any viewpoints it wants -- but it's absolutely unconscionable if Sheldon Adelson is telling beat reporters to target his political opponents. It’s clear we need a public editor to discourage any ethically-questionable practices.

Most investigative journalism still comes from newspaper newsrooms -- even if it ends up on the evening news or online later. That's why it's critically important that the RJ appoint a public editor, whose job is to independently investigate potential breaches of journalistic ethics like this one.

We can’t let news outlets that millions of voters rely on become megaphones or attack dogs for Sheldon Adelson -- or any other billionaire with a political agenda. Join us in calling on the Las Vegas Review Journal to appoint a public editor.