To: George Jepsen, Attorney General

Don't let the Banksters get away with it!!!

Dear Attorney General Jepsen,

I am writing to ask you to side with Attorney General Schneiderman of New York and oppose any proposed settlement with the banks that would let them off the hook for the fraud committed in the housing collapse. I am very concerned that he was removed because he refused to accept a deal being pushed by the banks and treasury Secretary Geithner that lets the banks get off with just a slap on the wrist.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I am confident that we can count on you to ensure that justice is served.


Why is this important?

E-mail our Attorney General George Jepsen and tell him to stand with CCAG, Eric Schniederman (AG forNew York ), Beau Biden (AG for Deleware), dozens of members of congress and hundreds of citizen organizations throughout the country and oppose any deal that lets the banks and bankers off the hook. It is imperative that progressive Attorney Generals like George Jepsen raise their voices at this key time.