To: Peter Liguori, Tribune Company CEO

Don't Let the Koch Brothers Buy the Baltimore Sun!

Don't sell the Baltimore Sun to the union-busting, election-buying, climate-change-denying Tea Party-funding Koch brothers.

Why is this important?

The Koch brothers are the right-wing oil and gas billionaire duo infamous for funding the Tea Party. Now they want to buy their own media empire to spread their extreme views -- including the Baltimore Sun, and its parent, the Tribune Company.

The Kochs have spent their fortune funding anti-worker candidates like Scott Walker, right-wing lobbying groups like ALEC and climate-change denying 'think tanks.' They even warned tens of thousands of their employees that there would be "consequences" if they didn't vote for Republicans. Not exactly the kind of guys I want running the most respected newspaper in Maryland.

Isn't one Rupert Murdoch enough?

The Baltimore Sun is a valuable source of honest journalism. We can't let it turn into a right-wing mouthpiece.

Please sign our petition against a Koch brothers buyout of the Sun.