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Don't let the Kochs rewrite the Constitution

Right wing extremists, backed by wealthy donors like the Koch Brothers, have launched a stealth effort to write their radical agenda into our Constitution -- and they’re dangerously close to succeeding.

We must speak out NOW to stop this massive power grab by a handful of wealthy donors and extreme state lawmakers. Please add your name to stop an Article V convention today.

Why is this important?

The biggest threat to our democracy that nobody is talking about is the real possibility of a rogue Constitutional convention -- empowering the far right to radically reshape the Constitution, our laws, and our country. If just a few more states sign on to a “Article V convention” for a balanced budget amendment, there’s no limit to the damage they can do.

By exploiting never-before used provisions in Article V of our Constitution, 28 states have already called for a Constitutional convention, and they only need 6 more to succeed. Once convened, there are no rules on the books to limit or constrain what comes next -- which means unelected, unaccountable delegates, many of them picked by extremist state legislatures, would have free reign to rewrite our entire system of government.

No law, no Constitutional provision would be safe.

Ending Social Security and Medicare. Blocking a woman’s right to choose. Rolling back marriage equality. Gutting the EPA and labor protections. Repealing Obamacare. Undermining First Amendment protections for free speech and a free press. An Article V convention would let right-wing extremists write their entire agenda into our Constitution, with zero checks and balances.

We need your help to stop them.

This is the worst possible time to open this Pandora’s Box. Unlimited money in politics and partisan gerrymandering have given Republican extremists total control of a majority of state legislatures. When one party controls the White House, Congress, a majority of state legislatures, and the Supreme Court, it’s hard to imagine a fair process. Even worse, big money interests like the Koch Brothers and ALEC are investing heavily in the push for a Constitutional convention -- which means they’d be calling the shots if one happens.

That means the result of any Article V convention would be a not only a massive swing to the right in our nation’s politics -- it would embed these assaults on some of our most cherished rights in the Constitution, creating an incredibly difficult hurdle to overcome, setting us back generations, if not destroying our democracy altogether.

With just a few states to go until the two-thirds majority needed, the time to speak out is NOW. Please add your name today and tell lawmakers in your state to REJECT calls for an Article V convention.


Reasons for signing

  • Trump and his lemmings need to go on an one way trip to Russia, North Korea, or to jail! We need to get rid of those traitors!
  • We must not have a convention to rewrite our Constitution! Given the power that conservative forces have today, any changes in the present US Constitution are bound to be bad for democracy as we know it.
  • I absolutely agree with this petition. The Koch’s need to be stopped with all their nonsense & racist agenda. WE are a DEMOCRACY! Bottom line!