To: Office of Management and Budget

Don’t Let the Obama Administration Cook the Books for Outsourcers

We shouldn’t be considering changing the way we report manufacturing and foreign trade data to make it easier for corporations to hide how they’ve used free trade agreements, like NAFTA, to ship millions of jobs overseas, hollow out our manufacturing sector and put more wealth in the hands of the 1%. If a product is made overseas, it should be counted as such. Don’t cook the books to classify Apple, Nike and other corporate outsourcers as “American manufacturers.”

Why is this important?

The Obama administration is proposing a pretty awful idea. They want to let notorious outsourcers, like Apple and Nike, be classified as “American manufacturers” regardless of where they make their iPhones or Air Jordans.

If this change goes into effect, it could have huge consequences for all of us. These changes would make it easier for corporate outsourcers to hide how they’ve exploited bad trade deals to outsource millions of jobs, undermine environmental laws, weaken workers’ rights around the world and make corporate CEOs even richer.

Sign the petition to tell the Obama administration and the Office of Management and Budget, which is taking comments on the rules right now, that cooking the books for corporate outsourcers is bad for working families here and abroad.