To: The United States Senate

Don’t let the Senate cut support for immigrant families!

Don't eliminate the Child Tax Credit for little DREAMers—children under 18 who don't qualify for DACA—whose hardworking parents file their federal taxes using an individual tax identification number. Support families: don't leave the one million little DREAMers whose parents file with an ITIN without this crucial lifeline.

Thank you.

Why is this important?

All over the country, immigrant women work hard to support their families. Many immigrant women count on the federal Child Tax Credit to provide crucial financial support for their families.

Right now, the Senate is considering the Ayotte amendment -- an amendment to a bill that would eliminate this key support for hard-working families. The amendment would deny the federal Child Tax Credit to the families of 1 million little DREAMers -- young children who have come to the United States with their families and whose parents file taxes using Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers.

Tell the Senate to support families and kids. Don’t let them eliminate the Child Tax Credit for the families of little DREAMers!