To: Kirstjen Nielsen, Department of Homeland Security

Don't let Trump keep immigrant children in jail indefinitely

Immigrant and refugee children should not be held in jail—and especially not for even *longer* than they currently being held. Honor the Flores Agreement.

Why is this important?

The Trump administration just announced that they plan to end the "Flores Agreement"—the rules that make sure kids can't be jailed for more than 20 days while being held in detention. Without Flores, kids could be jailed in awful conditions for even longer.

The Flores Agreement is a vital part of treating everyone in this country like a human being—it sets limits on jailtime and conditions for children. We reject this change and any attempt to modify the rules to keep children in detention longer, or in worse conditions.

This change would make the "zero humanity" immigration policies even crueler, further punishing children and their families for fleeing violence.

Tell the Trump administration, DHS, and HHS: No kids should be held in jail. Don’t overturn the Flores Agreement.