To: U.S. governors

No National Guard troops on the border

All U.S. governors must stand up to Trump and resist his latest attack on immigrant communities. We're counting on you, as governor of your state, to stop this attack in its tracks and reject Trump's racist agenda that will further hurt immigrant communities and tear families apart. Do not send National Guard troops to the southern border.

Why is this important?

Trump's plan to dispatch National Guard troops to the souther border is yet another cruel action blatantly intended to harass, intimidate, and hurt immigrants and refugees.

Trump, and his administration, have consistently harmful implemented policies, ended protections and programs for immigrants, and blocked legislative solutions to ensure that immigrants are safe from harm and harassment. His ridiculous border wall remains massively unpopular—and his relentless focus on a wall ignores the majority of Americans who oppose it.

This ploy to send National Guard troops to the border is his latest attempt to hurt immigrant communities.

But he cannot do this without the cooperations of governors. Some governors—like Arizona's Gov. Doug Ducey and Texas's Gov. Greg Abbott—have said they support sending National Guard troops to the border. It'll take a massive outcry to stop them.


Reasons for signing

  • I think we should consider doing an action nationwide like they did in NYC where they shut down the West Side Highway
  • We need immigrants to help fill jobs that go unfilled due to the very low unemployment rate and the lower birth rate as compared retiring baby boomers.
  • Go fuck yourself

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