To: Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Senator Dick Durbin, and Representative Mike Quigley

Don't Waste Taxpayer $$ on the CTA’s Foolish Flyover

Say NO to the CTA’s plan to waste $320m on the unnecessary Brown Line Flyover. Bring good transit service to ALL of Chicago.

Why is this important?

Mayor Emanuel, Sen. Durbin, Rep. Quigley:
You can stop this expensive mistake before it starts. Don’t waste federal, state and city $$ on an unnecessary Flyover that will destroy Central Lakeview. Apply Core Capacity funding where it can do GOOD, not HARM.

What will the Flyover do? Shave 20-30 seconds off the daily commute for those living on Chicago’s Northside lakefront, the area which already has the very best transit service in the city. What about Chicagoans living in the vast transit deserts on the South and West Sides?


Keep CTA’s RPM (Red-Purple Line Modernization) Project on track. It’s time to replace dangerous 100+-year-old CTA tracks, overpasses and supports, and update stations. But uncouple the Flyover.

The Brown Line Flyover Is NOT Needed. 20-30 seconds. That’s the delay when a Brown Line train reaches the Belmont station at the same time as a Red or Purple Line train.

The Flyover will gut Central Lakeview & Clark St., a thriving restaurant, theater & entertainment district.