To: Dean of the College Ethnic Studies

Dr. Serie McDougal for chair of Africana Studies!

Elect Dr. McDougal for a three-year term as chair of Africana Studies.

Why is this important?

Let’s Aim For Beyond 50 And Get As Many Signatures As We
Dr. McDougal has always exhibited care and concern for his students. We've seen this from his time as the director of the Black Unity Center where he often spent his own money to ensure that his students had fruitful experiences. He has conducted and published research on Black student success and engagement within the institution and is more than qualified to serve them along with faculty. By supporting the election of Dr. McDougal, you are supporting the right of faculty to proceed with electoral processes of the department. Dr. McDougal has a history of fairly and efficiently managing the department and now has the opportunity to rescue it from mismanagement.


Reasons for signing

  • Dr. McDougal is a phenomenal professor at SFSU. His teachings have inspired me to continue my education in Africana Studies as a minor. He is irreplaceable as a teacher and as a member of the College of Africana Studies counsel.
  • Lies and deceit should not be used to ruin the rep of an honorable scholar.
  • He’s an amazing instructor and you would only be hurting your program and the entire student body by hindering him in any way.

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