To: Howard Dean, Former Governor of Vermont

Draft Howard Dean to run in 2012 as a Democratic Primary Challenger.

Let's ask Howard Dean to run against President Obama in a Democratic Primary. He can push the President in the right direction, and he is right for the country.

Why is this important?

With the 2012 election fast approaching, we are gonna get stuck with two dismal choices: A potentially insane Republican candidate or a weak and timid Democratic incumbent who doesn't really work for progressives. A lot of us have come to the realization that Obama is not the progressive that he pretended to be in 2008. He is worse than a Republican because he uses his position as a Democratic President as cover to pass conservative legislation. Even if a progressive primary challenger lost to the President, it would at least force Obama to move closer to his base, the people that elected him in the first place. Howard Dean would be a great choice. Let's call him to action so that he can push the President in the right direction and maybe even replace him.