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Drop bogus charges on human rights defender Berta Cáceres

Authorities in Honduras must drop spurious charges against Indigenous leaders and human rights defenders Bertha Cáceres, Tomás Gómez, and Aureliano Molina, as demanded by Amnesty International. President Obama and members of Congress should press the Honduran government to drop the bogus charges.

Why is this important?

Amnesty International has called on authorities in Honduras to drop spurious charges against three indigenous leaders, Bertha (Berta) Cáceres, Tomás Gómez and Aureliano Molina.
If the three leaders are imprisoned, Amnesty said it will consider them prisoners of conscience.
There have been increasing attacks against human rights defenders in the country ahead of presidential elections in November, Amnesty said.
“Defending human rights in Honduras has become a life-threatening activity with Indigenous leaders protecting their peoples’ rights, being particularly vulnerable to attack,” said Nancy Tapias Torrado, Researcher on Human Rights Defenders in the Americas at Amnesty International.
“It is clear that Bertha Cáceres is being harassed in order to stop her from defending the rights of the Lenca Indigenous Peoples,” said Nancy Tapias Torrado.
Urge President Obama and Congress to use U.S. influence to press the Honduran government to drop the spurious charges.

Honduran Indigenous leaders at risk of unfair imprisonment