To: Charles Fisher, Publisher, Roswell Daily Record, Dr. Steven Gamble, President, ENMU, Gina Dwyer, Advertiser, Brad Davis, Advertiser (The Davis Team/Berkshire Hathaway Realtors), Michael Koonce, Advertiser (La Grone Funeral Home), and Ren...

Drop the Roswell Daily Record

The Roswell Daily Record's regular anti-Hispanic and anti-African-American cartoons are anti-New Mexican. They cast Roswell, and all of New Mexico, in a bad light.

As an advertiser, I urge you to drop your business with the Daily Record until they drop their racist cartoonist and apologize to New Mexicans they offended.

You can email publisher Charles Fischer to drop your ads at

Why is this important?

The Roswell Daily Record has a history of publishing anti-Hispanic and anti-African-American cartoons. Its anti-New Mexican and its time to stop.

Advertisers provide the financial support to publish a newspaper and its editorial positions.

Roswell defines New Mexico to the world (and beyond) and local businesses who support racist publications like the Daily Record's recent editorial cartoon are turning away business and tourists from their stores.

Help us tell the paper's advertisers to pull out of supporting publications like these that misrepresent New Mexico to the world.


Reasons for signing

  • I agree 100% FAKE NEWS
  • I too am from Roswell and why this man is allowed to make racial comments and create division among the different races is beyond me
  • I was born and raised in roswell this guy has gotten away with his comments for too long