To: DuPont CEO Ed Breen

DuPont: Stop putting Wall Street over my health

Corporate Action Network

I am dying from C-8, a chemical that DuPont deliberately dumped into the Ohio River and landfills, where it made its way into the water me, my family, and thousands of others drink every day. DuPont already agreed to compensate me and the other victims of its misconduct, but the company is delaying helping us in order to line the pockets of a couple of Wall Street billionaires. People are dying. It’s time to put health over Wall Street profits.

Why is this important?

C-8 is a byproduct of Teflon, which DuPont manufactured in Parkersburg, West Virginia since the 1950s. The company knew the chemical was harmful since the 1960s, but they never told anyone, including the thousands of West Virginia and Ohio residents that were drinking it in their water every day. Now I and thousands of others are dying from C-8, and DuPont is delaying compensating us and cleaning our water in order to save money for Wall Street investors. Why are our lives worth less than theirs?