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Heal the Heart - Academic Achievement will Follow!

Establishment of a Summer National Community Laboratory Initiative.

Why is this important?

During my life of more than six decades, I've seen and experienced many forms of brutality, both obvious and more subtle. I've seen and experienced brutality from parents toward their own children, the rich toward the poor, one skin color against others, and many other forms. I've also seen the reverse of each one of these and violence in each group against others in the same group. This violence is endemic on individual, group, and institutional levels.

Humanity has been brave enough to evolve communication tools that today show us, in real time, the extent of our own brutality. We see up close that the human heart is in pain, and we all know it now!
In contemplating this terrible condition I find that the seed of humanity's misery is hidden in the heart. A clear vision communicates that the contemplation of one's heart is where humanity finds the peace that forgives, heals and brings compassion.

Therefore, the challenge facing all of us, individually and collectively, adults and children, rich and poor, people of all skin colors, and everyone everywhere is to take the first step toward acknowledging that our heart is in pain before we point the finger at one another.

Throughout the centuries, we all have allowed dehumanization, and now it must end. Looking deep within our hearts, we must facilitate listening and dialoguing with others and, especially, our children. To be more exact, this must be the heart of the education process. We know it, and we can make it happen!

Please support the creation of a national coalition involving all sectors of the community both public and private for the establishment of a Summer National Community Laboratory Initiative as the venue to do this work.