To: John Kroger,, Attorney General

Elder Financial Fraud or Exploitation

The Involuntary redistribution of an 84 year old citizen's assets
by a series of acts of fraud, and fraud on the court's, are criminal, and should be investigated, and not cited as not idigent
to warrant an investigation.

Why is this important?

The elder in our society are at high risk to have their civil rights violated by unsavory attorney's, corrupt judges, and so-called guardians. See the national statistics of ever increasing civil rights violations against the elder and most vulnerable in our society. The Clackamas County, Oregon, District Attorney is just one, which calls a criminal matter a civil matter, because of shortage of funds and lack of interest.
"Elder Abuse is a serious crime and public health issue with far reaching consequences for both the victim and society" excerpt:


Reasons for signing

  • INVESTIGATE AND RETURN WHAT RIGHTFULLY BELONGS TO THIS WOMAN TO HER BEFORE SHE DIES! You do realize that this fight could end up costing her her life, don't you? DO THE RIGHT THING NOW!
  • The probate courts and social services in general are licensed criminals and need to be investigated thoroughly. Ema Boldt is only one of many people who have suffered at the hands of crooked guardians/conservators.
  • there are lots of victims nationwide