To: The United States House of Representatives

Elect Barbara Lee to House Leadership

We need #LeeInLeadership. Please vote to elect this progressive champion as Democratic Caucus Chair on Wednesday, November 28th.

Why is this important?

We are organizers who represent working-class communities of color all around America. Our government still does not represent the interests of our people, and we need leaders in Washington, D.C. who will fight for equity, justice, and peace. It’s time to put the #LeeInLeadership. The election is Wednesday, November 28th, so there’s no time to waste. Please sign today.

In September 2001, every member of the House and Senate voted to give the president a blank check to fight endless wars. All except one, that is.

Progressive champion Rep. Barbara Lee stood alone and predicted that the war would expand and damage America's moral reputation.

Now, she is running to be Chair of the Democratic Caucus in the House of Representatives – and we need to make sure her colleagues understand the need for her progressive leadership, support her candidacy, and make her the first Black woman in the leadership of either Party.

We need stronger leadership in the House, and Rep. Barbara Lee is the perfect choice. She is:

- A consistent progressive champion who supports bold yet commonsense ideas like Medicare for All and a living wage.
-A gutsy and principled representative who opposed the Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) in 2001 despite knowing the backlash would lead to death threats.
-A proven leader who has led the Congressional Progressive Caucus and Congressional Black Caucus and been vice chair of the LGBT Equality Caucus.
-A consensus builder and doer who has worked across the aisle in support of progressive goals like repealing the AUMF or saving lives by pushing to increase HIV/AIDS federal funding under Bush.
-As Rep. Lee put it: “It’s time. African-American women have been the smartest and most loyal voters for the Democratic Party, and often we don’t get the recognition or the involvement at the highest levels.”

Rep. Lee has already announced her candidacy for chair of the House Democratic Caucus, the fifth-ranking position. We need to make our voices heard – and now, while representatives are still making up their minds.

The election is Wednesday, November 28th, so we don’t have much time to convince the members of Congress that we need #LeeInLeadership.

Tell House Democrats: Make Rep. Barbara Lee a caucus leader.

Thank you for speaking out.


Reasons for signing

  • Proud that Barbara Lee represents me! We need her voice and vision in top billing in Congressional leadership, on the front lines for these times now more than ever.
  • House Caucus Chair is a natural fit for where the Democratic party is right now, vis a vis the grassroots progressive organizing that won elections and continue to grow.
  • Out with the old guard. No more Pelosi. No more Schumer. #NeverHillary. Fresh thinking. Fresh minds. Progressive thinking. Progressive minds.