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To: The Honorable Jarvis Johnson, The Honorable Anna Eastman, The Honorable John Whitmire, The Honorable Greg Abbott, The Honorable Dan Crenshaw, The Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee, The Honorable John Cornyn, The Honorable Ted Cruz

Elected Officials: SOS - Small businesses need help too!

We are pleading for your help and assistance to save small businesses from going under as other major US cities have done.

We want you to develop legislature during this unprecedented time of government-mandated business closures that:

A). creates a moratorium on lockouts and evictions for small businesses for 6 months beginning March 1st

B.) protects the business from inability to pay rent

C.) prevents negative credit reporting by landlords during this period

D.) protects the business from retaliation by the landlord

Why is this important?

Landlords across Houston are refusing to respond to their tenants’ pleas and/or offering zero abatement options and imposing late fees with talks of tenants defaulting.

We are speaking on behalf of dozens of small business owners in Houston. Many of us ARE NOT in the food and beverage industry and were ordered to completely shut down by Governor Abbott on March 19. We do not have take-out options for our clientele and are generating zero income. We have wholly contributed to these properties in improvement and continuously paid taxes on properties we do not own.

There has been zero substantial ruling on commercial tenants - small business owners - and we've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the improvement and build-out of our landlords properties. We've also paid our proportionate share of their property taxes for the duration of our leases.

PLEASE SIGN because without legislature, thousands of small businesses in Houston will close.

How it will be delivered

Email the signatures, but if we can get enough support, damn, we just may hold a press conference.



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