To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Election Reform

I think we need genuine election reform to use our federal government as a tool of the people instead of the corporations and special interests. Here is what I propose. Tax payer funded elections funded exclusively with tax payer funds and absolutely no contributions by individuals or corporations. Candidates would have X amount of dollars to campaign and present their solutions to the issues but how they spend their allotted money to inform the nation as to why they should be elected would be up to them. I also think that a specific amount of time should be specified to campaign for election, say 3 months in which the whole nation can then tune in to what is going on. That frees up the incumbent to actual do what they were elected to do instead of gallivanting around the country years before the election, raising campaign funds. It should be obvious that becoming an elected official in Washington is currently a profitable business for the official. Take away that incentive and perhaps we can elect true representatives that have the interest of the whole country in mind rather than who is going to fund their campaign thus buy their vote with their "special interest contributors." This would be a major step in separating Washington from business, return power of the government to the people and help curb corruption. Any ideas on the particulars would be welcome and suggestions on how we can accomplish this would be appreciated.

Why is this important?

We need to eliminate the corruption of our political system by giving the power of the government back to the people and away from individual, corporate, and special interest influence and/or purchase of our legislative and executive branches of the federal government. States should be allowed to set up their own systems of funding elections.