To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate


The Veterans Administration negotiates drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. It obtains substantial price discounts as a result.

The Prescription Drug Act prevents the act's administration from such negotiations. This is a multi-billion gift to the pharmaceutical industry at tax payers expense.

Congress should repeal this outrageous gift and President Obama should advocate its repeal.

Why is this important?

My petition is about the most outrageous clause ever to appear in a legislative act. It prevents the prescription drug act's administration from negotiating drug prices with pharmaceutical firms. This is outright graft. A billions of dollars legislative gift to major campaign donors.


Reasons for signing

  • repeal this gift to the drug companies
  • Please repeal this bill.
  • please repeal this huge financial gift to the drug companies and pass the gift to the consumers who really need it. thank you, IVY