To: The California State House, The California State Senate, and Governor Gavin Newsom

Ban Violence and Sex on Billboards!

Children (and adults) should not be subjected to violent and sexual images and content on billboards and other public advertising. Put an end to this abuse!

Why is this important?

Living in Los Angeles, my small children are forced to view enormous graphics of serial murderers holding knives dripping with blood, dead bodies, vampires and other various forms of the "undead," barely clothed models in overtly sexual positions, and a whole other host of inappropriate and terrifying images and texts. I can choose what television programs, books, and magazines my children view. There is regulation in regards to content for children's television shows and commercials played during these shows. Yet, I have no control over the images or words my children see every day as they walk on the sidewalk, look out the car window, or travel on public transportation, and there seems to be little to no regulation for these advertisements. Also, as advertisements change often, I never know where the worst offenders will be; I have avoided certain intersections because of a particularly disturbing billboard, only to find a new equally disturbing image plastered up along my alternate route. Children (and adults) should not be subjected to violent and sexual images in public spaces. Please create more stringent regulation on billboard and other public advertisement. Thank you!