To: Doug Suttles, CEO Encana, Oil and Gas Task Force, Jared Polis, U.S. Representative, Matt Lepore, Director COGCC, President Donald Trump, The Colorado State House, The Colorado State Senate, and Governor Jared Polis

Statewide Emergency Moratorium on High Volume Hydrofracturing Sites (HVHF) in Colorado

Numerous neighborhoods and communities all over the state of Colorado are under siege and severely threatened by the Oil and Gas Industry with the recent permitting of High Volume Hydrofracturing Industrial Sites (for this petition 4 or more wells on a multi-well pad = HVHF) in or near rural and residential neighborhoods.

Please urge Governor Hickenlooper to declare an emergency ordinance to halt all permitting and construction of HVHF Industrial sites within a 1
mile square area around any homes or businesses and additionally, declare a 1 year moratorium on the permitting and construction of HVHF sites within a 1 mile radius of any homes or businesses.

This would allow time to define what constitutes a HVHF site and then enact necessary rule changes within State and Local governments to accurately reflect the scale of HVHF sites, and modify the mission of the COGCC to adequately protect the welfare of citizens in Colorado rather than maximizing oil and gas production.

Why is this important?

Our historic, rural, high density agricultural neighborhood Pleasant View Rural Community, on the border of Boulder and Weld County in Colorado is being severely threatened by two 12 well HFHV sites and two massive facility sites with 36, 25 foot high towers, 12 separators and 12 burn-off towers. Our neighborhood is an inappropriate place for this intensive level of Industrial Oil and Gas Extraction.

The current rules and regulations in our state do not protect us from these aggressive invasions. These two HVHF sites would devastate our way of life, the nature in our community, our roads, our property values and our health.

Please help us encourage the Governor of Colorado to take strong immediate steps to protect the health, safety and welfare of Colorado citizens. Governor Hickenlooper has the authority to stop HVHF sites from being built near homes and neighborhoods. It is his mandate to protect the precious resources of water and air quality that are currently threatened by major Oil and Gas Industrial Sites across the state.

Ask Governor Hickenlooper, Local Governments and the COGCC to stop putting corporate profits ahead of human rights and environmental stewardship.