To: Edwin Lee, Mayor, David Campos, District Supervisor, David Chiu, District Supervisor, Malia Cohen, District Supervisor, John Avalos, District Supervisor, Jane Kim, District Supervisor, Carmen Chu, District Supervisor, Christina Olague, D...

Empower SFMTA (San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency) for better transit

As residents and taxpayers of San Francisco we believe that the SFMTA's first and foremost responsibility is to improve Muni, bicycling, and walking and to make them a more desirable means of transportation. As part of that, it is SFMTA's job to decrease congestion and single-occupancy traffic on its streets. It will also benefit drivers by setting market rates on parking, improving turnover, availability, and reducing congestion due to circling for parking.

The SFMTA needs to be accountable to all the citizens of San Francisco. We need a balanced, unbiased municipal transportation policy.

We respectfully request that the Mayor and District Supervisors immediately request that the SFMTA expedite:

1. Installing new parking meters and extending the hours of enforcement
2. Rolling out SFPark
3. Enforcing Sunday parking meters
4. Increasing meter rates, fees, and fines as appropriate to prevent double parking and sidewalk parking

Why is this important?

ENUF (a NIMBY organization) is trying to disempower SFMTA from making sane transportation decisions such as enabling SFMTA to extend evening and Sunday parking meters. We believe that SFMTA should instead be more aggressive in putting a market price on parking and expedite its SFPark program with funds used to improve other transporation modes in the city. SFPark is actually helpful to those drivers who actually need to drive by improving parking availability and reducing congestion due to circling for parking. Thus we believe SFMTA should aggressively pursue its expansion as it will benefit everyone.