To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Enact legislation to protect farm animals from abuse.

Abuse is unacceptable for any animal, whether they are in the food chain or are our family companion. Farm animals are excluded under the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) and from most state animal cruelty laws. Thus, the vast majority of the ten billion farm animals raised and killed annually in the U.S. for food are first subjected to a number of abuses that would be illegal if inflicted on a dog or cat.

I am asking that the federal government enact legislation to protect the animals raised in the U.S. for food. At a minimum, we need to reform the most egregious factory farm abuses. We need to require that farm animals have room to turn around in cages, are given anesthesia for procedures like castration or debeaking, are stunned into unconsciousness prior to death (including birds), and are killed out of the sight of other animals.

Please review these issues and take action through legislation.

Why is this important?

Factory farming practices are extremely out of hand. With the debate on whether or not to eat meat always taking center stage, we lose sight that we ALL can raise our voices to proclaim that abuse of any animal is not right!

Farm animals are excluded from almost all federal and state animal protection and anti-cruelty laws, making them susceptible to numerous abuses that that would be illegal if inflicted on a dog or cat.

Ask our government to enact legislation to stop the abuse of farm animals.


Reasons for signing

  • I want to help end ALL animal cruelty and bring attention to the atrocities that occur in so many farms across the U.S. these animals deserve so much more than the pain and suffering that they receive. I want for these animals to feel love and compassion and care, not evil neglect.
  • Please end animal abuse!! It's cruel and way to prominent in today's US factory farms than it should be. Make this illegal!
  • If they can't live a healthy life why should we!

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