To: Cecilia Tkaczyk, Senator, Kevin Cahill (NY-103), Chris Tague (NY-102), and James Skoufis (NY-39)

Encourage the Rail Trail's Legislative Champions

I thank you for your support of the Catskill Mountain Rail Trail project and urge you to renew your efforts on its behalf, as funding for the project appears to be in jeopardy.

The Catskill Mountain Rail Trail not only means free, healthy, safe recreational opportunities for Ulster residents, but will be a dynamic magnet for economic development and tourism growth in the scenic Route 28 Corridor, Ulster County and the Hudson Valley. It is an investment in jobs, health and economic growth enthusiastically supported by families, local businesses and walkers/hikers/cyclists/skiers.

It's a project that deserves all of our support, regardless of political affiliation!

Why is this important?

The Senate conference has REMOVED the $2 million in funding for the Catskill Mountain Rail Trail, originally allocated in Governor Cuomo's Executive Budget from the Senate version of the budget. Although the $2 million item is still included in the Assembly version of the budget, this significant funding is now in extreme jeopardy.

Let the Rail Trail's champions know how much you value their support and urge them to renew it to ensure the future of this project.