To: Sen. Rand Paul (KY-2)

End Covert Electronic Harassment

Senator Rand Paul:
President Obama and Congress can not continue to be blind to the injustices of covert electronic harassment and torture (using military grade weaponry) on millions of non-consensual, law abiding citizens inside the privacy of their home! Because you lead the heroic effort to dismantle parts of the Patriot Act, we are kindly asking you to take the lead once more to prohibit and investigate the barbaric act of Electronic Harassment by means of Executive Order or Legislation.

Why is this important?

Thousands of Americans are suffering today.


Reasons for signing

  • Been covert surveilled and harassed for 4 years now.
  • This is happening more and more. Soon everyone we know will be tortured in this manner! This Ends Now!!
  • Human toture is real and i wouldnt believe it unless it happened to me please help. I hear dumb people