To: President Donald Trump

End Daylight Savings Time

End Daylight Savings Time. Let's wake up America!

Why is this important?

Stabilize America.
Make roads safer.
Save Fuel:
Daylight Saving increases gasoline consumption, something the petroleum industry has known since 1930.
Less Heart Attacks And Fatal Collisions, according to , Charles Czeisler, M.D. Ph.D., of Harvard University,
"We may not worry about cutting just one hour of sleep, he explains, but, as you'll hear in the video, "springing forward" significantly increases the risk of fatal car crashes and heart attacks."
According to Gwen Dewer, Phd: "In 2009, German researchers published a study measuring daytime sleepiness in adolescents before and after the shift to DST.
Not surprisingly, kids reported more daytime sleepiness the day after they set their clocks forward, and “night owls” had the most trouble.
But here’s what’s interesting. The effect didn’t last for just a day or two. These kids suffered from the negative effects of daylight saving time for two weeks.
What does this mean?
The researchers figure that “class and school performance tests should not take place in the first week(s) after the transition into DST.”
And if we we’re concerned about the effects of daytime sleepiness on adolescent test performance, what about the rest of it?
What about learning new things in the classroom?
Making everyday decisions?
Getting along with your friends and family?
Handling emotionally difficult events?
We know that sleeplessness impacts all of those things, for kids and adults. If daylight saving time can disrupt our sleep patterns for up to two weeks, how much trouble does that cause altogether?"

And the list goes on.