To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

End Disability Discrimination in Federal Offices

I have a close friend who has the misfortune of having developed a disability called Arnold-Chiari Malformation. This is a serious disability that can only be treated with brain surgery, and it leaves physical impairment after treatment. My friend is an employee of the United States Post Office, and you would think that procedures in place would protect him and his family. However, due to a lack of proper federal oversight, he has endured pernicious discrimination at every turn; including, but not limited to, attempts to deny his disability, attempts to fire him outright, moving him to third shift in order to place additional strain on him, and culminating in verbal abuse from his supervisors. Although he has legal grounds to sue, this situation should never have developed. Please sign this petition to Congress to help insure that we make all federal offices follow the rules and hold mangement level employees accountable for their conduct.

Why is this important?

Despite reams of legislation that prevents discrimination against the disabled in federal employment, such discrimination continues in many local branches of federal offices, particularly in the United States Post Office. Federal oversight for the protection of employee rights needs to be strengthened.


Reasons for signing

  • Your friend is on my prayer list, and I'll forward this to those on my address book, too.
  • Chiari I sufferer, Federal Employee, and the subject of this petition. Thanks to all who signed, keep signing, and God Bless you all for your support!!