To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

End Government Subsidies to Wealthy Corporations

Congress has forced taxpayers like me to pay for profitable businesses to operate overseas by funding the Export-Import Bank. While our country suffers from cuts to critical education and transportation funding, the Ex-Im Bank continues to finance large, wealthy corporations that do not need government subsidies.

I urge you to end this wasteful corporate welfare program and let the Export-Import Bank expire when its charter runs out on June 30th.

Why is this important?

Americans should not have to pay their hard-earned tax dollars to wealthy multinational corporations to conduct business activity abroad. Eliminating the Ex-Im Bank has garnered public support from across the political spectrum, but the largest and most powerful multinational corporations and institutions, such as Boeing and the Chamber of Commerce, have continued to pressure Congress to uphold the subsidies and preserve the status quo.

For lawmakers looking to eliminate waste and get our fiscal house in order, the Export-Import Bank should be at the top of the list. With the bank’s charter expiration date set for June 30th, Congress simply needs to do nothing. We need to make sure Congress makes the right choice to let the Export-Import Bank expire, and act in the public interest.