To: The Wisconsin State House, The Wisconsin State Senate, and Governor Tony Evers

End Machine Voting in Wisconsin

Petition to end machine voting in Wisconsin. We demand paper ballots that are monitored, recorded and verified, hand counted with the chain of evidence unbroken.

Why is this important?

Electronic voting machines can be hacked. There have been so many problems, irregularities and malfunctions that voters have no confidence in them. Because there have been problems with paper ballots being lost, destroyed or mysteriously disappeared we demand that the ballots have a clear and accurate monitoring system, where ballots are hand counted and that hand counting be recorded and verified and the chain of ballot handling unbroken.


Reasons for signing

  • We now know just how easily almost any voting machine can be hacked, and how election officials are remiss in not verifying the votes from these machines. Fix it, please, or lose the republic.
  • We've seen the results of machine based tabulating and it was not pretty Paper ballots for all with hand counts
  • I have NO CONFIDENCE in the scanner that I feed my ballot into at every election.